Power Rangers Movie Clip Teases Potential Romance Between Jason & Kimberly (Watch)

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
Power Rangers Movie Clip Teases Potential Romance Between Jason & Kimberly (Watch)
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Power Rangers Movie has released a new clip that teases blooming romance between Jason (Dacre Montgomery) and Kimberly (Naomi Scott). The red and pink rangers are seen talking about their future in the town of Angel Grove.

The town of Angel Grove is attacked by Rita Repulsa and Goldar. When Zordan learns about the threat, he calls up the power rangers to fight against them. The movie is going to see some fierce battles and action scenes. Along with that, a potential sub-plot on Jason and Kimberly’s romance is teased in a clip. Read to know more.

Power Rangers Movie Clip Shows Jason, Kimberly

The newly released Power Rangers Movie clip shows Jason Scott and Kimberly Hart. Kimberly begins a conversation with Jason. She reveals that her house is on the other side of the mountain. Her days pass by looking at this town from her house window. She wonders how such a small town can cause such a misery.

It seems that Hart is a lonely teenager. She is not having any close friends with whom she can share her thoughts. But when she meets up Jason, there is a romantic spark between the two.

Power Rangers Movie

Jason Asks Kimberly Out In His Van

From the conversation between Jason and Kimberly, it is clear that they are facing some tough situations as a teenager. The clip reveals that Jason has lost his game and his career is in danger. Kimberly feels that he should just go anywhere since people no more look at him as a friend. But Jason is not of that opinion.

He immediately takes advantage of this situation. He asks Kimberly out to join him in his van. The red ranger seems to be confident that she will not refuse. But Kimberly calls his van indirectly an ordinary one and is not willing to go with him.

The Potential Love Between Jason And Kimberly

The previously released movies of this franchise have failed to develop the romantic plot between the red and pink ranger. In Turbo: Power Rangers Movie, there was a similar romantic plot which was scrapped from the movie, as per media reports. At that time, cast Austin St. John (Red ranger) and actress Amy Jo Johnson (Pink ranger) played these roles.

So far the teasers for this film have focused on the villainous characters in the film. Surprisingly, the newly released movie clip of Power Rangers Movie teases a sub-plot for Jason and Kimberly’s romance.

Power Rangers Movie is set to hit the theaters on March 24, 2017. Watch the clip here.


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