‘Power’ Season 2, Episode 8 Reaction: Of Handcuffs And Three Moves Ahead

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Power’ Season 2, Episode 8 Reaction: Of Handcuffs And Three Moves Ahead
Power Season 2 Episode 8 Reviews

James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick, the mysterious dual personality of New York, was met with quite an appreciation from the viewers after season one of the thriller series. After a successful first season as a charismatic club owner plus the midnight drug dealer, season 2 has so far proven to be quite as riveting as the first, and how! Read on to know more about the happenings on the current season. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The teaser for the eighth episode of the season looked as dark as ever, with the focus starting to shift between Ghost, Tommy, Holly and Angela till the episode before. The eighth episode effectively showed Ghost being forced into making some very tough choices; whether to work with the Lobos, and if he could fit the one requirement of the gangster; removing Tommy from the equation.

It turns out Tommy does get removed from the equation, and fortunately for some, only with a pair of handcuffs. While Angela continued to struggle at hacking Ghost’s phone last week, turns out she had enough to know the site of a meeting. The task force led by Greg swooped in onto the scene and managed to arrest both Lobos and Tommy, while Ghost, as usual, was moving ahead and slipped away in the darkness, thereby keeping the target on Tommy. Lobos loses his love in the process, giving another dimension to the series.

Ooyuz predicts the anticipation now, lies in what happens to the deal proposed by Lobos. It will also be interesting to see how Ghost gets back into the good books , and the effect all this will have on Kanan and his plans. Although Tasha was temporarily sidelined for this episode, the focus lies on what happens next in the final two episodes of the series.

Watch the next episode of “Power” on Starz this Saturday at 9 to know what happens next!

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