Powers Recap: Aha Shake Heartbreak

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Powers Recap: Aha Shake Heartbreak
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“Powers” Season 1 Episode 8 “Aha Shake Heartbreak” aired on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 on the Play Station Network. In this episode, Johnny Royale tried to convince Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) to accompany him in getting rid of Wolfe (Eddie Izzard). Meanwhile, Calista Secor (Olesya Rulin) realized that she was a power,  and another tragedy hit the Stockley family after Krispin Sotckley (Max Fowler) tried to make a statement in the middle of the Retro Girl Foundation benefit. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback of a young Christian Walker (Sterling Beaumon) pushing a young Johnny Royale (Sasha Feldman) to his limits, and told Johnny that everything was for show.

Back in the present, Johnny (Noah Taylor) explained what sway really was to Christian (Sharlto Copley), and told him that he, Christian, had stolen Wolfe’s (Eddie Izzard) when he took sway in an attempt to get back his own powers. As Christian didn’t want to listen to him, Johnny pushed Christian off from his own balcony, and saved him, just as he did when they were younger. He then told Christian that because of sway, if the Drainer fails, Wolfe would be able to absorb the powers of everyone who had taken sway, including him. Johnny then gave him twelve hours to decide if he wanted to help him kill Wolfe.

Meanwhile, Calista Secor (Olesya Rulin) discovered that she had powers as she had survived taking the sway. She then evaded arrest and ran to the rooftop, where she was stopped from jumping by Detective Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward).

Meanwhile, Craig Sherman (Michael Lowry), Retro Girl’s (Michelle Forbes) publicist,, instructed Candace Stockley (Claire Bronson) to hire a villain in order to stage a fight for Zora (Logan Browning) during the Retro Girl Foundation Benefit which was happening the next day, so that Zora could come out as a hero. She then managed to get Red Hawk (J. Teddy Garces) on board.

Retro Girl (Michelle Forbes), who was already becoming tired of being everyone’s superhero, asked Triphammer (Andrew Sensenig) if the Drainer would work. He then told her that he was scared of “the Black Swan”, a predictive model of the chaos that would ensue if powers remained unchecked.

The next day, after securing a date with Retro Girl, Walker went to the murder scene of a power called Jumpstriker. Behind her, Kaotic Chic was tagged onto the wall. Because of this, Walker got the security footage of the first tag that had happened outside the station and asked help to enhance the image, so that he could identify the two teenagers who posed for the camera. However, he was interrupted by Deena, who told him that she had Calista in custody and that she claimed that she was a power.

Meanwhile, at the benefit, Retro Girl decided to walk out on the benefit, and fired Craig after realizing that Red Hawk, who had taken sway, was there to fight Zora, in order to put on a show, without Zora knowing.

However, before Zora could walk on stage, Krispin, wearing a mask, took control of the microphone. He was then interrupted by Red Hawk, who began to fight Zora, while Candace tried to get Krispin out of the way. Because of this, Candace accidentally got slashed, and bled to death. Walker and Deena who had been on their way there after discovering that Calista and Krispin were behind the first tagging, then entered, but they were too late.

Because of this, Walker decided to join Johnny in killing Wolfe.

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