Powers Recap: Level 13

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Powers Recap: Level 13
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“Powers” Season 1 Episode 9 “Level 13” aired on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 on the Play Station Network. In this episode, while Johnny Royale (Noah Taylor) and Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) worked together to come up with a plan to kill Wolfe (Eddie Izzard), Walker and Captain Cross (Adam Godley), Triphammer (Andrew Sensenig) and Detective Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) worked together to double cross Royale so that they could finally arrest him once and for all. Read on to learn more about the second to the last episode of “Powers”, which will be told in linear sequence instead of the flashbacks used throughout the show.

The episode began with Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Johnny Royale (Noah Taylor) right outside Wolfe’s (Eddie Izzard) cell, where Royale encouraged Walker to kill Wolfe and to finally get his powers back from him.

Six days from the present day, Walker informed his partner, Detective Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward) that he needed her help to break into the Federal Powers Containment Facility, otherwise known as The Shaft , in order to finally arrest Royale, who was the one who had invited Walker to kill Wolfe.

After meeting up with Royale, Walker and Deena explained the entire thing to Captain Corss (Adam Godley) and Triphammer (Andrew Sensenig), who explained to them that if Wolfe did succeed in getting out, they would be facing a Black Swan situation, which was the code name they gave if a power as destructive as Wolfe got out and affected the entire world.

Five days ago from the present day, Walker explained to Triphammer and Cross that Sway was Wolfe, and that they needed to help him out by helping provide him with blueprints of the facility so that he would trust him. He then showed Johnny where the blind spots were, and told him that he was going to help them catch Royale in order to earn their trust.

Four days ago, Royale visited Simons (Aaron Farb) in the Shaft and told him that he had to stay there a little while longer as he was the only one he could really trust. Walker and Cross then had Calista Secor (Olesya Rulin) freed into Royale’s custody.

Three days ago, Deena and Walker attended Candace Stockley’s (Claire Bronson) funeral. During the ceremony, Krispin Stockley (Max Fowler), blamed Walker for his mother’s death and was comforted by Calista who had been brought by Royale.

Two days ago, he had a date with Retro Girl (Michelle Forbes) who felt guilty for Candace’s death as she hadn’t shut down the program as soon as she had learned that it was a publicity stunt for Zora (Logan Browning). After discovering that Walker hadn’t called her for eight years as he hadn’t wanted her to see him powerless, she told him that she did not like him just because of his powers.

Later that night, Cross told them that the only plan that was going to work was the plan in which Royale would get arrested, and Wolfe would be drained as planned. Triphmmer then told Walker to disable the prop panel outside of Wolfe’s cell and to turn the Drainer off using the switch he gave him, after which he would arrest Royale and put the drainer back on again.

On the day itself, everything started off smooth. However, Royale caused some complications to occur after releasing Simons so that Triphammer and the others would be kept occupied, which annoyed Walker.

At the ninth level, Walker locked the door, even if it wasn’t part of the plan, and convinced Royale that he would kill Wolfe. As soon as they got inside the cell, Walker turned the Drainer on, arrested Royale, and knocked him out so that he could turn off the Drainer in order to get his powers back. However, he discovered that they had switched Wolfe with a decoy, as they knew that Walker would do anything to get his powers back.

Cross then ordered the guards to transfer Wolfe, who was on Level 13, and not on Level 9, back to his original cell. However, the guards were killed by Simons, who was knocked down after he released Wolfe, as Wolfe absorbed his powers. Afterwards, the entire team encountered Wolfe, who knocked them to the side. As he stepped into the elevator, he told Walker to bring Royale along with him as they needed to talk.

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Catch the season finale of “Powers” next Tuesday on the Playstation Network.

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