Powers Recap: Pilot

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Powers Recap: Pilot
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“Powers” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” premiered last Tuesday, March 10, 2015 on the Play Station Network. In this episode,  Powers Division Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley),  who used to be the superhero “Diamond” gained a new partner, Detective Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward). The two then investigated the death of his old friend, Olympia, and discovered a young girl who might be connected to Johnny Royale (Noah Taylor), whom they all thought was dead. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In the beginning of the episode, Powers Division Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley),  formerly the superhero Diamond, lost his partner after the power that they had caught wasn’t sedated enough. Because of this, he was forced to get a new partner- Detective Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward).

The next morning, he saw his old teammate and flame, Retro Girl (Michelle Forbes) break up into a fight, and suddenly remembered that he couldn’t fly anymore, as his powers were taken away from him by his mentor, Wolfe (Eddie Izzard), who was currently incarcerated.

After handing over his old partner’s belongings to his family, they went to a crime scene, where they discovered Walker’s old friend, Olympia (Adam Boyer), dead in bed, and found a teenaged girl (Olesya Rulin) in the bathroom. Walker immediately realized that she was a “wannabe”, because those who want powers hooked up with those with powers in order to get powers, which sometimes does work.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned building, Johnny Royale (Noah Taylor) met up with Bug (Daniel Thomas May), who had introduced the girl to Olympia so that they could give him a particular drug that they were making, which gave powers a boost,  and were dealing. However, as Bug had different ideas on what they should be doing with the drugs, Johnny teleported out with his head, effectively killing Bug.

In the interrogation room, he decided to talk to her, since she was a “wannabe”, and a fan of Retro Girl. He then told her what building Retro Girl liked to hang out on, and told her that he had discovered that he could fly when he was a teenager, after he fell off a crane during a dare. Then, on the pretense of calling up her mother, she talked to Johnny, who teleported her out after she managed to get Walker out of the room with the pretense of him getting her some nuts to eat. The realization that Johnny was alive shocked everyone.

Back at the abandoned building, she reassured Johnny that she didn’t say anything about the “sway”, the drug he was making, and told him that she knew that she had powers, even though it hadn’t arrived yet. He then told her that he would give her a home soon. He also told her that he had grown up with Walker.

Deena and Walker then paid a visit to the morgue, where Dr. Death (David Ury) told them that Olympia’s heart had exploded, and that the chemical substance he had found inside his system and the envelope found beside him, had done something to Olympia’s DNA. Afterwards, they went to where all the kids with powers hung out. After seeing them standing around and waiting, Walker told Deena that back in his day, they would patrol the streets and help save people, unlike these kids, who just wanted to be famous. One of them, a power named Zora (Logan Browning) recognized him and gave him her number, and told him that the “wannabe” girl’s name was Calista. However, Walker realized that they had to talk to Wolfe, as Zora had used a catch phrase, “Here and gone”, which belonged to Johnny Royale.

Afterwards, they went to the “Federal Powers Containment Facility”, also known as “The Shaft”, which was where powers like Wolfe were kept. They then stopped the wardens from lobotomizing Wolfe, and he asked Wolfe what had happened to Johnny that fateful day in which he had lost his powers. He then told him that Johnny had suddenly disappeared in front of him, and told Walker that it had been a mistake to get his powers, and that he could get it all back if he got him out of there. Upset, Walker went up to the car, and when Deena refused to unlock the door, he told her that Wolfe had been his and Johnny’s mentor, and that he had locked him up because he had gone mad, and killed all of Walker’s friends. However, Wolfe had managed to escape and  tried to “eat” everyone at the Sky Terrace. Walker had tried to stop him, but in the process, Wolfe tried to eat him, and consumed his powers, which meant that Wolfe had his powers.

Meanwhile, Calista, bored, ran away to the club where all the kids with powers hung out after discovering Bug’s severed head with the garbage.

Later that night, Zora told him to come by the club, and tried to flirt with him. However, he took off after learning that she had run away from the club, thanks to Zora, and realized that she was on the rooftop of the building where Retro Girl hung out.

Meanwhile, Johnny told his henchman that Calista wouldn’t be a problem, and that they would make more sway, and hopefully eliminate Wolfe, Diamond, Trip Hammer and Retro Girl.

On the rooftop, Walker tried to convince Calista that being normal was okay, and jumped to save her after she jumped off. Luckily, they were rescued by Retro Girl, who took off with Calista, leaving him alone on the rooftop.

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Catch the rest of “Powers” on the Playstation Network.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Sony Computer Entertainment/Uploaded by ThePowerofX


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