Prankster Lee Nelson’s Kanye West Stage Invasion Dedicated To Taylor Swift

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Prankster Lee Nelson’s Kanye West Stage Invasion Dedicated To Taylor Swift
Lee Nelson

If Kanye West declared himself as the greatest living rockstar on the planet at Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom, then Lee Nelson is the greatest invader of all time as he got guts to interrupt the stage performance of Kanye and dedicate it to none other than Taylor Swift!

Mirror reported that as the rapper Kanye began performing “Black Skinhead,” British comic Simon Brodkin’s Lee Nelson stormed the stage and started to leap around and rap along with the rapper wearing a white T-shirt that read “Leezus,” a spoof of West’s Yeezus nickname.

When Lee was asked how he got there in the first place, the prankster simply explained that though unfortunately he didn’t have any backstage passes, he had to use his massive pair of testicles. He said he marched in trying to look like every part of Glastonbury headline rapper, he even added that Kanye was his inspiration.

“I marched on stage clutching my little boys’ toy microphone and no one questioned a thing,” Lee said.

The comedian was then escorted out by the securities after Kanye stopped singing and beckon the security.

On his Twitter post, he said that the stunt was dedicated to Taylor Swift who was famously interrupted by the rapper during acceptance speech after she won at the 2009 Video Music Awards (VMA). He said that he already planned it ever since Kanye stage-crashed the “Shake It Off” singer.

Later, Lee tweeted again saying that “Some people were saying Kanye shouldn’t headline Glastonbury so I thought I’d give him a hand.”

This is not actually the first time Lee invaded and crashed an event. He previously gatecrashed the England football team and pretended to be in the eight piece boyband Stereo Kicks on “X Factor” live shows last 2014 and it took a while before security noticed that Lee wasn’t supposed to be there.

Now, let’s see what will be his next move. Who will he prank next time?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Lee Nelson

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