Premium Rush Expects Soft Opening

By admin | 6 years ago

Premium Rush is a movie about New York City bicycle messengers. Director David Koepp said that he wanted to do something contained, just like Panic Room that he wrote in 2002. His other previous projects include Spider-Man and Jurassic Park. He confessed that he has an obsession with maps and he wanted to do a movie that takes the main character from point A to point B in a limited period of time. Premium Rush

In Premium rush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the bicycle messenger Wilee. He used a beat-up fixed-gear bike or fixie, which has neither brakes nor gears. Every turn can result into a catastrophe. It could make every cyclist in the audience want to just get out and ride.

Wilee has to deliver an envelope that compulsive gambler cop Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon) wants to get in order to pay off loan sharks. Wilee must also evade another cop who wants to cite him for several violations. At the same time, he must race another messenger (Wole Parks) who rides a high-end road bike.

Premium Rush is made with a $35 million budget and targets the bike messenger audience. It might face a tough audience with general moviegoers. According to pre-release surveys, the movie will enjoy the best opening this weekend. Some of the films it has to compete with are the comedy Hit & Run and the horror movie The Apparition.

Premium Rush is seen as a box office referendum on the star appeal of Gordon-Levitt, who is graduating after his supporting role The Dark Knight Rises and lead in independent movies like 50-50. But the movie can struggle to gross more than $10 million in its opening weekend.

The most likely winner will be The Expendables 2, which earned $28.6 million last weekend. It was below initial estimates of $40 million. It is observed that the weeks leading to Labor Day have been the least popular because people return to school and their post-vacation jobs.

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