Prepare to Cry with ‘The Little Prince’ Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Prepare to Cry with ‘The Little Prince’ Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Alice Barigelli | Actor / director James Franco, 70th Venice Film Festival, September 2013

Prepare to Cry with ‘The Little Prince’ Trailer

There’s probably no argument to the fact that “The Little Prince” is among the saddest books for children ever published. Apart from just being sad, it is a very profound book that almost everyone has probably read.

Originally published by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 1943, “Le Petit Prince” has already been translated into over 200 languages. If this isn’t still enough, fans of the book will be pleased to know that the book is currently being adapted into a film.

A first look at what can be expected from this CGI version of the classic book was released on YouTube on Monday. Although the released trailer featured a French version of the film, an English version is also in the works.

And to help make the movie an even more special adaptation of this much loved book, the English version is set to feature some of the biggest names in Hollywood—James Franco, Jeff Bridges, Benicio del Toro and Rachel McAdams. The movie adaptation is directed by Mark Osborne, the same director who immortalized the hit animation “Kung Fu Panda.”

Considering an English version of the film has not yet been released, the trailer features French language on its text. The trailer translates to:

“Rediscover a timeless story like you’ve never seen it before.”

A voiceover of what appears to be an old man then cuts into the scene saying: “I flew almost everywhere in the world, until something miraculous happened.”

The screen then fades to an animated scene from the book. The style of the animation of the film features the familiar paper mache models that were immortalized by the classic book; a style that readers could relate to and will bring back memories when they first held the book in their hands.

While the movie is set to be released on Oct. 7, 2015 in France, a US release date has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, we all know that whoever watches this film adaptation will be crying buckets of tears; just as the classic book did to us before.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Alice Barigelli



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