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With the news of how famous personalities are spending their Thanksgiving with family and friends, here is an account of how the First Family is planning to spend their Thanksgiving. Read on to find about the kind gesture which they are getting themselves involved in.

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Before starting their own celebration, Malia and Sasha Obama along with their parents hosted a party for homeless veterans, thus starting on the season of festivities with a noble cause. The family thought of an incredible way of giving thanks to several former servicemen who had shown a lot of courage and had sacrificed a lot for the country. All the members of the family thanked them for everything. They were seen engaging in talks with the veterans asking them how they are, as they came on a queue to take the food served by the First Family. The president acknowledged their contribution and said “we appreciate you”. It was a great sight to see the famous family doing something so incredible for the less fortunate this Thanksgiving. It definitely bought a big smile on everyone’s lips.

The feast had an elaborate spread and comprised everything that is served traditionally during Thanksgiving. Right from gravy, stuffing, mashed potato to turkey, all were there. The food serving was a part of “Feast with Friends” event. The president said, “It’s not only of the spirit of giving during this holiday season, but our national obligation to make sure all those who serve and sacrifice for our country have a place to call home,”. As stated in Daily Mail, Obama has started on a mission to render as much help as possible to the homeless.

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The two daughters of Osama’s have also started participating on the various events. Just a day before the meals were served, they were there with their father for the event “annual turkey pardoning”. The dad was quick to appreciate his daughters and thought it was nice on their part to help him in executing his Presidential duties! It was great to see the family bond together with each other and also with others who were present at the event.

Picture Source: Facebook/Barack Obama

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