President Obama Urged Not to Attend Gangnam Style Concert

By admin | 6 years ago

U.S. President Barack Obama has been urged to boycott a Washington concert where Gangham Style rapper PSY is expected to take part. It has emerged that the rapper once sang music about killing Americans. On the website of the White House, a petition was created urging organizers of the show in Washington on December 21 to tell the rapper not to attend or to not perform.

The petition quickly made it through social media sites as many took to Facebook, Twitter and message boards to comment about PSY, who at one time sang about killing American soldiers or their families.

People were making harsh remarks against PSY, even after the new pop sensation made a heartfelt apology for the music he sang during a huge protest.

President Obama has planned to attend the Washington Christmas show despite the PSY revelations, a spokesman from the White House confirmed Friday. The White House also shut down the petition to uninvite the artist only hours after it had gone live.

The petition was then replaced with a formal statement by the website’s administrators that said the uninvite petition was removed under the policy of the moderator since it violated the Terms of Participation.

PSY has come under fire for his actions while at a protest in Seoul that was anti-American in 2004. During the protest, he smashed a small model of a tank on stage after holding it above his head and then violently breaking with a microphone stand.

The demonstration took place amidst strong sentiment against Americans after an armored vehicle in South Korea killed two teenage girls.

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