Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5 Episode 1 EscApe from New York [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 5 Episode 1 EscApe from New York [WATCH VIDEO]
Actress Sasha Pieterse at the Pretty Little Liars event at PaleyFest 2014 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on March 16, 2014

“Pretty Little Liars” (PLL) Season 5 Episode 1 aired on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. The girls wanted to find out who “A” was once and for all. Meanwhile, Aria stayed on Ezra’s side as he was trying to recover. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Previously on “Pretty Little Liars” (“EscApe from New York” Season 5 Episode 1), we found out that the one who shoot Ezra (Ian Harding) was Shana (Aeriél Miranda). However, we can never be too sure if Shana and “A” are one. While Aria (Lucy Hale) was watching over Ezra in the hospital, Shana showed up and claimed that she was there to watch Ezra recovers. However, when Ezra woke up, he told Aria that Shana was “A.” Things had a quick turn as Shana was nowhere to be found in the hospital when Aria learned about Ezra’s revelation.

Meanwhile, Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) joined the band of Ali’s haters, along with Mona (Janel Parrish) and Paige (Lindsey Shaw). You see, these were the people that Ali hurt in the past. Paige turned cynical when Melissa showed up. She started to reconsider joining the haters.

Hanna (Ashley Benson), Ali (Sasha Pieterse), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Aria split up. They had but one goal: To find out who “A” was. Unbeknownst to them, they do not have to look for “A.” She would come to them (referring to Shana as “A”). Emily, Hanna, Ali and Spencer were in the Fitzgerald Theater. Aria was with Ezra.

Now let us connect the dots here. When Shana left the hospital, she knew where to find the liars—at the Fitzgerald Theater. Face to face and equipped with a gun, she told the liars that she wants justice for Jenna (Tammin Sursok). She also confessed that she was the one who locked them up in the lodge during the night of the fire.

Just when Shana was about to kill Ali, Aria showed up and pushed Shana in the orchestra pit. Shana was dead, and the girls thought that they solved the mystery behind “A.” Meanwhile, Ali had a confession to make. She told Emily that CeCe (Vanessa Ray) was not Red Coat. CeCe was in a disguise to distract “A.” She even saved Emily’s life. Then we saw CeCe took off as Vivian Darkbloom. Another disguise?

There you have it for the “Pretty Little Liars” recap about Season 5 Episode 1 “EscApe from New York.” Stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about “Pretty Little Liars” including episode spoilers and recaps.

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