Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: Did Alison Kill Mona To Reveal A’s Identity?

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: Did Alison Kill Mona To Reveal A’s Identity?

An all new episode of “Pretty Little Liars” Season 5 airs this Tuesday, and it is one fan should not dare miss. Spoilers of the upcoming episode tease that A’s true identity will finally be revealed. Read on to learn more about it.

In “Pretty Little Liars” Season 5 Episode 23 “The Melody Lingers On,” Hanna will find herself behind bars for being Alison’s accomplice in Mona’s murder.

According to an article on, Ali’s trial will be the main focus of the story. Aria, Emily and Caleb all tries to find information that would clear Hanna’s name. The Liars do their best to follow a string of clues to unravel the mystery. It could have been left by Mona herself or planted by “A.”

Meanwhile, in the promo video, Aria and Emily are in full support of Alison but Spencer is nowhere in sight. Could this mean that she still doesn’t believe Alison? Or is she just trying to avoid Toby? In the sneak peek, Emily was also having second doubts about being on Alison’s trial. But who could blame her, right? Emily tries to give her non-committal “I’ll try.” She immediately changed her mind when she saw how Alison felt. Perhaps their friendship could be restored, after all.

Spoilers also reveal that Alison’s trial will be a pivotal point in revealing “A’s” true identity. In the trial, Mona’s murder video will be shown in court. In the clip, a hooded figure was seen assaulting Mona. Unsurprisingly, the assailant looked a lot like Alison.

Meanwhile, Caleb proves that he’s the best boyfriend ever. He visits Hanna in prison and tells her that he’ll do everything he can to get her out of there. Hanna, however, was not too impressed and told him, “Be careful what you promise.”

Do you think “A’s” true identity will be revealed in the next episode of “Pretty Little Liars?” Sound off in the comments below.

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5 Episode 23, called “The Melody Lingers On” airs Mar. 10, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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