‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6: Will Lucy Hale Leave The Show?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6: Will Lucy Hale Leave The Show?
Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale, who plays Aria Montgomery in “Pretty Little Liars” Season 6, confessed that she would be done with the ABC Family show by the next October, during the latest photo shoot with the V Magazine. Is she really leaving the show after the Season 6, or is it just a rumor? Read on for more details.

According to CP Entertainment, Hale has revealed to the V magazine that she would be done with the show by the next October forever. She even feared as it is going to be the next chapter of her life. She is also keen in getting “different and darker roles.”

The 26-year-old Hale’s statements that she revealed to the magazine resulted in rumors claiming that she would leave “Pretty Little Liars” after the Season 6.

However, this contradicts with what Marlene King, the creator of “PLL” has revealed to E! Online. In fact, she has plans for further seasons of the ABC Family show as well as a movie with Aria in it.

The executive producer and show runner of the “PLL” said, “That’s always been the ultimate goal, is that it ends its life in one medium and starts another life on film. I love that.”

This is actually creating confusion whether Lucy Hale is leaving the show or not. However, Hale has immediately attempted to clear the confusion. She clarified through social media that she is not leaving the “Pretty Little Liars” until the seventh and last season. She further revealed that all the rumors claiming that she would leave the show by the sixth season are false.

The filming of the season 6B of “PLL” that would air in the early 2016 has started. Indeed, Hale and the other cast members of the season are busy with the filming. Moreover, the seventh season of the show is expected to be released in the later period of 2016.

Therefore, we can conclude that Lucy Hale would not leave the show.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Pretty Little Liars

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