Previously On ‘DASH Dolls’: Khloe Kardashian Eases Malika Haqq After Ex’s Death And More!

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Previously On ‘DASH Dolls’: Khloe Kardashian Eases Malika Haqq After Ex’s Death And More!
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Last weekend’s episode of “DASH Dolls” turned on the waterworks for viewers, as Malika Haqq got some agonizing news that her ex and close friend had suddenly passed away—but not to worry, her best friend Khloe Kardashian came to the rescue! Read on, as we talk about this and more. We will run down some of the events that happened in the show’s latest episode.


Haqq’s twin sister Khadijah, as well as BFF Kardashian supported her past the particularly tough condition. After she reflected on the situation, Haqq said, “I never thought that I wouldn’t have one more time just to tell my friend that I love him.” (via E! News)

In other news, the Dolls went outside their comfort zone to go camping, Durrani faced Taylor for devoting too much time with her significant other, while the girls utterly disapproved of Caroline’s new beau, Ronnie.

Some highlights from the episode about the other Dolls include:

Caroline being ready to show off her new man around town to hang with Taylor, Melody, and Missy. According to Caroline, “I care about what they think, and I want them to get to know Ronnie and bond with him.”

Taylor meanwhile confessed to her ex-boyfriend about the incident in Miami. Taylor and Derek agreed to be straightforward with Ryan and tell him about their romantic moment in South Beach. “This situation is f–ked up,” Taylor said. “Derek is Ryan’s best friend and even though Ryan and I were broken up, I feel bad about the kiss in Miami.” As expected, Ryan got pissed and stormed out of the restaurant. “You had the nerve to kiss her?!” Ryan said. “That’s insane!”

Taylor and Shalom became best friends, since Taylor’s relationships with both Ryan and Derek have gotten rocky, she started to spend more time with Durrani’s boyfriend, Shalom. Initially, Durrani was a bit sympathetic about sharing her boyfriend with her roomie in her time of need. “Taylor has a lot of guy friends. She’s like a tomboy,” Durrani said. “She loves doing things that boys do. Since it’s kinda awkward with Derek and Ryan, I guess Shalom and Taylor are BFFs now.” But things weren’t that way for long…

Durrani was envious of Taylor and Shalom, as she shortly grasped how close the two were becoming and she didn’t like it. “Shalom is so funny,” Taylor said to her as she read his text message “You guys text?!” Durrani asked, confused. She then walked away to vent to Nazy. “I’m kinda annoyed that Shalom is texting Taylor,” she said. “Basically, they have, like, an inside joke. I’m not like really mad. It’s just annoying.”

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