Prince Charles and Camilla commemorate Charles Dickens’ 200th anniversary

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Charles Dickens

Florian Schweizer, the director of the famous museum treated the royal couple to an exclusive tour of the museum wherein they took time to check out original works of the legendary author. Charles even went on to describe the manuscripts as “utterly indecipherable” after browsing them with a high interest level.

Camilla looked lovely in a red paisley silk dress and coat accessorized with a hat by Lock & Cowent went on to read a novel from Dickens’ library to Prince Charles who got comfortable in Dickens’s armchair. By the looks of it, both Camilla and Prince Charles had a blast visiting the Dickens’ residence.

Nick Gibbs, the Schools Minister has spoken out about the unfortunate scenario that still plagues the literacy for the low income people in the country. He compares it to the prejudice that existed in the Victorian era which made it impossible for the poor to seek education. A passionate speech focused on the fact that there were still glimpses of the world that Dickens belonged can still be seen in modern times. Literacy issues in the poorest community continue to remain a dividing factor even after the world has undergone social and technological revolution in the past century.

Gibb addressed this issue at Stockwell Park High School and talked more about an alliance that he wanted to form to get rid of such problems. The alliance aimed at sorting this issue by making students in primary schools to read through the method of phonics. The students who are unable to spot thirty words correctly will be given extra help.

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