Prince Debut On Instagram Makes Fans Go Crazy! [PHOTOS]

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Prince Debut On Instagram Makes Fans Go Crazy! [PHOTOS]

Legendary rockers like Prince often scoff at the internet and its attendant shebang, but he has finally deigned to grace the Instagram and has added some really rocking photographs of him on the stage along with a couple of meme jokes too for good measure. Read On!

The kings and queens of RnB better watch out now. Prince is coming to the Instagram town and planning to take over it completely. He has garnered 120000 followers already and is on his way to dethrone the queen bee of Instagram, Rihanna herself. He has only been online for about a day and he has uploaded some delicious new pictures of him along with some “light-skinned people” jokes. Here are some samples.

Here’s one where he tells his fans what he thinks of his impersonators.

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Well, we can’t fault him for that. When God made him, he broke the mould. He is one of a kind and we love him for it.

Then there were some photos with his enigmatic sigil. Here’s one that looks very, very interesting.

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His Instagram site is loaded with interesting pictures of this sort. We wonder if he would let people use these pictures for free or would he be irked if people used them without permission. Prince has often challenged online piracy. That is probably why very few songs are up for illegal downloads through various nefarious sites. Yes, we researched it. Don’t ask us how.

Prince has also taken down illegal videos from youtube and banned torrents for his albums. But you can’t judge him for it, he just wants to control where and when his likeness or his art is used. Nevertheless, some of his art is on public listing on the Instagram and fans can get their hands on that action. The Instagram site is up and running now. Join his legion of followers now.

Black America Web reported the news first.

Photo Source: Facebook / Prince

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