Prince Harry Admits ‘Gaping Hole’ In His Life After Death Of Princess Diana

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Prince Harry Admits ‘Gaping Hole’ In His Life After Death Of Princess Diana
Prince Harry

Prince Harry discussed his personal and innermost feelings on Thursday, November 26, as he spoke about the tragic death of Princess Diana, his mother and how it affected him so as to leave him with a “gaping hole” forever.

Harry, 31, said that he had come to realize that this wide hole his life could not be filled up ever. The prince was in Africa at the opening of the Mamohato Children’s Centre in Lesotho.

The member of the British royal family was only 12 when his mom, Princess Diana passed away after a car crash that took place in 1997. Diana was just 26 years old at that time.

Prince Harry discussed that since he lost his own mother at such an early age, he could empathize with the orphaned kids.

The younger brother of Prince William said that the centre had children who were even younger than him. He also agreed that these children’s conditions were far more challenging than his own.

However, he also said that they went through a similar loss, losing their loved ones so suddenly and at such young ages.

It is Sentebale, one of Harry’s charities that built this orphanage in Africa. The centre’s dining hall has been named after the late Princess Diana. It is supposed to support all those kids, whose parents have been snatched away from them due to HIV-AIDS.

Princess Diana had done a lot of work to reduce the stigma that was attached to HIV and AIDS patients when she lived.

Prince Harry had confessed in October this year that his love for doing charity stems from his late mother.

The prince said that it is vital to work behind the scenes. He was referring to his royal responsibilities. He said that the late princess did that quite a lot. It is a good source of learning for anyone who wants to help less fortunate people.

Prince Harry thus indicated that his late mother is a constant source of inspiration for his work.


Photo Source: Facebook/Prince Harry

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