Prince Harry Bids Australia Goodbye Before Visiting Injured Friend; One Lucky Fan Got Her Royal Dream Kiss

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Prince Harry Bids Australia Goodbye Before Visiting Injured Friend; One Lucky Fan Got Her Royal Dream Kiss
Prince Harry

After one month of staying in Australia for his tour of duty, it is now time for his royal highness, Prince Harry to bid adieu to the land down under. The prince went outside the Sydney Opera House to thank the public before visiting an injured friend.

Prince Harry went to see his friend, Lieutenant Ali Spearing at the Macquarie University Hospital. The British soldier has been receiving treatment after he was badly wounded in Afghanistan in 2011. Spearing was to receive prosthetic legs, said a report from 9NEWS.

Today, Prince Harry went to the hospital to visit his friend and to the hard-working staff of the medical facility. Spearing has been the royalty’s longtime Army friend.

Prince Harry said Spearing is overwhelmingly thrilled to be able to move using new set of legs. He also added that the hospital staff has been doing a great job for the treatment of his buddy. Earlier, there were thousands of people who had gathered outside the opera house to see Captain Wales.  This was the last time they would see Prince Harry in the country before he heads back home to meet his newly born baby niece.

The prince arrived at the Sydney Opera House to meet about 1500 fans. He arrived at the venue by boat at about 12:40 P.M. AEST wearing an army uniform. Prince Harry was later on greeted by the NSW Premier, Mike Baird.

After his arrival, Prince Harry went up the steps of the opera house where primary school students were seated. He greeted them and moved towards the waiting crowd. The prince took a moment to chat, take pictures and shook hands with the fans waiting in the crowd. He even delighted the crowd by allowing one fan to steal a kiss from him.

The fan identified Victoria McRae made headlines when she stole a kiss on the bachelor prince. She tried coaxing Prince Harry with a sign saying, “Marry me, last chance, Harry”. The prince talked with Victoria before she kissed him on the cheek. Prince Harry gave a smile after he quickly pulled back, reported 9NEWS.

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