Prince Harry And Suits Star Meghan Markle Are Not Getting Married

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Prince Harry And Suits Star Meghan Markle Are Not Getting Married
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Prince Harry and Suits star Meghan Markle have been going steady for a while. Their relationship has received high amount of exposure and rumors. However, there is one rumor that caught everyone’s attention.

Marriage rumor

A tabloid some time back ran a cover story that Prince Harry has asked his girlfriend and Suits star Markle to marry him. Accompanying this update is the approval that the Prince got from Queen Elizabeth.

It all began when the tabloid ran a cover story stating that the Kensington Palace has confirmed a royal wedding for Prince Harry and Markle. It also added a few details mentioning the budget, an approval from the Queen and the maid of honor.

The Queen’s approval

According to the report, the alleged royal wedding will be a $20 million grand celebration. It also stated that before popping the question to his ladylove, the Prince sought permission from the Queen.

Much to Prince’s surprise, the Queen gave her approval to the wedding, following which the former was elated. The reports also stated that Markle was incredibly happy about the proposal.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The tabloid’s report also mentioned that the couple has been talking non-stop about their wedding plans, whilst the palace is also discussing the news that the couple will become Duke and Duchess of Sussex post-wedding.

Contradicting report

Gossip Cop, however, clarified that the news about the royal wedding is completely fake. According to the outlet, all the news about the couple’s engagement and the Queen’s approval is nothing but made up.

The outlet addressed the tabloid’s story and stated that much like the previous reports about the couple, this one too is misleading its readers. It also took note of the fake sticker that was on the cover of the tabloid’s latest issue.

According to the outlet, this sticker of “Palace confirms!” has been on other cover stories too. For instance, when a fake report of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy was published, the same sticker was placed on the cover.

It was also used on a cover earlier this year, which stated that Prince Harry is already engaged to Markle. Elaborating more on the tabloid’s latest untrue story, the outlet stated that it tells a different story about the couple getting engaged when compared to the one earlier this year.

In the earlier January report, the tabloid mentioned the couple was already engaged but in the latest one, they are stating that the Prince proposed just last month.

Marriage delayed

The outlet also highlighted another update from the same story. According to it, the untrue story also mentions that the couple will probably push their wedding for a later date because of the Prince’s commitments.

Prince Harry has been involved with the Invictus games for a while and because he wants to focus on that, the couple has taken this decision.

Confirmation from Kensington Palace

Rubbishing the rumor that there is a grand royal wedding taking place, the outlet mentioned that it has spoken to the Kensington Palace about this update.

According to the palace, they did not confirm any story about a royal wedding to the tabloid and the outlet’s sources have called the entire story false.

The reason why the story could not be true is because the Suits star is committed to living in Toronto, Canada till the end of the year. If a wedding was actually going to take place and if she were to start a happy married life with the Prince, she would not have committed herself to living in the Canadian city.

The outlet however also stated that even though a marriage is not happening right now, the couple might just decide to get married later on in the future.


Photo source: Facebook/The Royal Family


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