‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: Jared Leto’s First Look As Joker

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: Jared Leto’s First Look As Joker

“Suicide Squad” that is clearly gaining mileage as time is passing by just dropped what any fan boy would like to call the J-bomb. Featuring super villains like Rick Flag, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn amongst others, the movie has yet to release its ultimate weapon until now.

It can be easily said that the wait is over as the first photos of the “Suicide Squad’s” most loved yet hated Prince of Crime, The Joker has just been released. The images were taken from the sets of the movie in Toronto where it is currently shooting. This is besides the first look of the Joker where everyone saw a totally ripped Jared Leto in his character.

According to Yahoo Movies, the first set of photos has Jared Leto in his full attire stepping out of the car that carries a number plate that says “HAHAHA” to confront his on and off love interest Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Her character can be seen demanding to get out of the car.

Margot Robbie too can be seen sans her Harley Quinn costume. It can be deduced that the photo was taken before she transforms herself into the mentally ill character. In the photo, it looks like the Joker confronts Quinn’s character because he hasn’t caught up with her in some time and is obviously delighted to see her but clearly she does not feel the same.

“Suicide Squad’s” production began in April and is set to be released in August 2016.

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Photo Source: Facebook/DC Cinematic Universe

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