Prince William Admits to Having Sleepless Nights

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Prince William Admits to Having Sleepless Nights
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The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, has admitted to having sleepless nights. What could be the cause of this?

During his visit to the England Women’s football team as the president of the Football association, the handsome royal has admitted that he has been having sleepless nights because of the new addition to their family – Princess Charlotte.

According to England captain Steph Houghton, “He said George is very lively and Princess Charlotte has been keeping him up all night, giving him a few sleepless nights. But he said he was just happy to have them both here.”

The team also presented the Duke of Cambridge a strip for Princess Charlotte.

Oh the ups and downs of parenthood! Well, at least he’s happy despite the sleepless nights. Who wouldn’t be, anyway with such adorable kids! It’s also admirable that Prince Williams remain “hands-on” with his fatherly duties amidst his busy schedule an English royal. That’s really something very difficult to juggle!

Princess Charlotte was born earlier this month at London’n St. Mary’s Hospital and is fourth in line to the throne.

Prince Williams even joked about maybe having a bad day after the FA Cup final, which will be held on May 30, considering that he’s an Aston Villa Fan and as FA president it is his duty to present the cup to the winning team’s captain, “It’s either going to be a very good day for me, or a very bad day,” he said.

Don’t worry, Prince William, after a few months you’ll be able to squeeze a catnap in! For now, relish those moments with your adorable bundle of joy, she sure is a beauty!

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons


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