Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Discuss Solutions to Tackle Cyber bullying with Facebook and Twitter Bosses

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Discuss Solutions to Tackle Cyber bullying with Facebook and Twitter Bosses

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surely are doing a wonderful job at the position they are in. On a personal level, they are parents to two beautiful children Prince George and Princess Charlotte who will one day become the King and Queen of the United Kingdom respectively. Keeping their children and lots of other kids around in mind, the Royals will be meeting with the bosses of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to discuss the problem of cyber bullying.


According to Vanity Fair, the Royals have already been quite vocal about how mental health related to kids has been a priority for them. Till last month, the couple has been visiting different institutions and making themselves a part of different initiatives that tackle the problem of mental health and giving their full support.

Apart from mental health, there’s one more major problem that they aim to tackle and that is cyber bullying. This type of new bullying that has emerged with the advent of Internet has proven to be as horrible as the traditional way of bullying. Many kids these days end up being victims to bullying and the problem seems to just increase day by day.

Because the Royals themselves are parents first, they believe their kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte aren’t going to any different if and when they face a cyber bully. So before their kids reach that point and to help other children who are already facing it, the Royals have decided to meet Facebook and Twitter bosses to see what they can do about it.

The purpose of this meeting would be to see if together they could discuss some alternatives with the social media giants and especially protect kids from cyber bullying or any other type of bullying. Talking with the bosses would help because today’s generation starts their day by logging into their Facebook and Twitter accounts and unfortunately with their increasing involvement with the digital world, their exposure to bullies online too increases.


Mirror revealed shocking statistics that problems of depression and mental anxiety has increased in today’s youth by over 70% in the last 25 years, which is extremely alarming given the fact that the youth of today is our future. No official dates of the meeting have been revealed yet, but some sort of official announcement should be expected soon.

Photo source: Facebook/Prince William and Kate Middleton


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