Prince William is on Paternity Leave!

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Prince William is on Paternity Leave!
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The tabloids are keeping a closer watch, everyone seems to be just waiting for another story to get added on the column of royal baby. Prince William has fed one recently when he took his paternity leave to be beside his wife Kate Middleton when she delivers their second baby.

There is no official announcement on Kate’s due date or the gender of the baby. Kate had said once that she does not even know the gender of the baby. But as news surfaced that Prince William has taken paternity leave officially, we are hoping to hear on the second royal baby soon.

The Duke of Cambridge has taken unpaid paternity leave from air-ambulance pilot, and has reportedly completed the first phase of the training earlier than expected, all thanks to his hard work and weather. “This is due to a combination of the Duke performing well in the various modules and having very good flying conditions that allowed flight training and assessment to progress more quickly than had been planned,” a spokesperson from Kensington Palace informed.

Behind tightened security walls, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are waiting for the arrival of the second royal baby. Kate Middleton is currently at Kensington Palace, and will be delivering the baby at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. The security at the hospital has been tightened and is at alert at all times.

Prince William, 32, will be returning for helicopter training by June 1. But according to royal sources, he will make some ‘official royal engagements’ in late May, however.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is also believed to be available to enjoy time with his niece or nephew as he will be soon be completing his term with armed forces in Australia. Although, it all depends on Kate’s timing as Harry has to return to Australia by April, 27. This weekend, he can be seen awarding the winners at London Marathon event.

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