Prince William’s Wife Kate Middleton Suffering From Postpartum Depression? The Couple Planning For Second Honeymoon?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Prince William’s Wife Kate Middleton Suffering From Postpartum Depression? The Couple Planning For Second Honeymoon?
Kate Middleton

The wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton gave birth to their second child in May. However, a rumor has surfaced that Middleton is suffering from postpartum depression. Read below to know how far it’s true. Read on for more details.

As claimed by Franchise Herald, the Duchess of Cambridge might be experiencing the depression mainly after the birth of Princess Charlotte although the couple has refuted the issue. On the other hand, it is also said that Middleton simply wanted “to take maternity leave” before she resumes to her daily royal duties.

The rumor broke out when William’s wife, Middleton did not attend the wedding of socialite Daisy Dickson and estate agent Bear Maclean at All Saints Church in Thurlestone, South Devon last weekend, and instead sent his (William’s) sister, Pippa to represent her presence. It is reportedly said that Middleton was highly expected in the wedding ceremony.

“The hosts appeared to have been informed so late that Kate’s name was still on the seating plan at the reception in a marquee overlooking the village green,” Sebastian Shakespeare of Daily Mail reported.

However, The Daily Beast was informed by one of its sources that it was true that Middleton did not turn up for her friend’s wedding last weekend, but there is no need to worry on her behalf. The source also claimed that she is neither suffering from postpartum or postnatal depression, nor any sort of other depression. She is doing absolutely fine after welcoming her second child.

The couple has planned for a foreign tour, as confirmed by Inquisitr, which would start in six months time if everything goes in their favor. But this tour will exclusively for the couple without taking their little 2-years old George and newborn Charlotte. Will it be their second honeymoon?

Although no specific detail about the exact location has surfaced, but since the couple already visited Australia, New York, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Canada and Los Angeles, some are speculating that the couple might opt for a trip to the Caribbean.

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