Princess Diana’s 20 Year Old BBC Interview: Excerpts

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Princess Diana’s 20 Year Old BBC Interview: Excerpts
Princess Diana

Princess Dianas’ BBC interview with English journalist Martin Bashir 20 years back is marked as one of the most sensational revelations till date. The interview was watched by approximately 15 million people that stripped the royal family in public. That interview is often termed as explosive since Princess Diana opened up for all wrong done with her by Royals to her and how miserable her life was made. Read on to find out more about the sensational interview of Princess Diana for BBC’s Panorama programme.

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According to Yorkshire Post, during an hour long interview Princess Diana revealed a lot which harmed the image of Windsors’. She revealed how her fairy tale marriage ended in vain and misery. She felt cheated throughout the course of marriage as soon as everything turned into infidelity, distrust, isolation and desperation in her marriage of 12 long years.

The people felt sympathetic to her and were deeply moved because of her revelations. Britain and its people were quite fascinated with the interview as the broadcast was seen by vast audience which signifies how people wanted to delve in the scoop of House of Windsor.

Princess Diana allegedly took revenge through the explosive interview and stated that, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”, which is still remembered by many. Indeed the one line simply reflects the complete tale of love and cheating. She further mentioned in her interview that she adored and loved Prince Charles but was let down by him badly.

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Shortly after the interview came out the Queen advised the Prince and Princess of Wales to proceed for divorce. It is rumored that Queen in fact asked for an early divorce as Princess had done quite a lot of damage to the Royal family and heir. The divorce officially came on August 28 1996, Princess Diana died a year later in a car accident along with her companion, Dodi Fayed.

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