Princess Diana’s Favourite Tiara Now Decorates Kate Middleton: The Duchess Of Cambridge

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Princess Diana’s Favourite Tiara Now Decorates Kate Middleton: The Duchess Of Cambridge
Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared for a major diplomatic reception that was held at Buckingham Palace and she was seen wearing the favourite tiara of late Princess of Wales. When Kate Middleton arrived to attend the function that was held in the evening she was looking fabulous in the lover’s knot tiara.


According to Telegraph, this is only the fourth time that the lovely lady has decided that she will come out wearing a tiara. Last time she was seen wearing a tiara was in October when she appeared for the inaugural ceremony of a state banquet at Buckingham Palace. On that occasion, she had chosen to wear the delicate looking lotus flower tiara.

It is been said that the tiara which Middleton wear this time was the favourite one for Diana, this tiara was given as a gift from the Queen to the Princess of Wales in 1981 when she got married. This tiara is encrusted with pearls and diamonds and was made back in 1914. It is said that the crafting of this tiara has been influenced from French designers.

According to Daily Mail, there are 19 arches that are studded with diamond and it has a neo-classical design. Each one of the arches has cradled an oriental pearl drop. This particular tiara has a long history as it was designed by the grandmother of Queen and its design was inspired from the tiara that was once owned by Princess Augusta who is the grandmother of Queen Mary.


All in all, the Duke of Cambridge was looking fabulous as she got driven to the Buckingham Palace to attend the ceremony. She was wearing a white gown and was looking a classic royal beauty. Both Kate Middleton and Prince William were all smiles at the event.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Kate Middleton

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