‘Princess Diaries’ 3 is NOT Happening

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Princess Diaries’ 3 is NOT Happening
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Is “Princess Diaries” 3 happening?

According to a website the Tracking Board, Disney is developing the third installment of “Princess Diaries.” However, it noted that Anne Hathaway’s return is unclear to reprise her role as Princess of Genovia, Mia Thermopolis.

However, on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, a close source to Disney has told EW.com that “Princess Diaries” 3 is not happening. The film launched Hathaway’s career and even returned for the sequel together with her co-star Julie Andrews.

The question is, will Hathaway still be back for a third one, if ever there will be one? Unfortunately, the Oscar winner has already made it clear in 2012 that the movie is both a blessing and a curse for her, saying that after that movie producers and directors have labeled her a as “good girl,” which made her struggle to find work in 8 years.

In fact, even Andrews said that a third installment of the movie would be something that Hathaway wouldn’t do anymore. On the other hand, Andrews remain open for a third movie. A few years ago, this is what Andrews said to TV entertainment show Access Hollywood, “I would never say no because Disney’s so wonderfully clever and inventive but I would think they’ll stay with just the two because of Annie.”

“Princess Diaries” is based on Meg Cabot’s books.

So, it doesn’t look like “Princess Diaries” 3 is happening at all! Awww.

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