Princess Kate Middleton Might Deliver Her Second Baby on Her Fourth Anniversary!

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Princess Kate Middleton Might Deliver Her Second Baby on Her Fourth Anniversary!

The world is keeping its eyes at The Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington as the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate is about to deliver her second child.

Kate Middleton is already overdue by five days and she was reported leaving the Queen’s official residence in London earlier today for the second time and this time she was joined by William. The pictures that surfaced the internet clearly stated a private family celebration of the fourth anniversary of Prince William and Princess Kate along with Prince George. She was photographed after a swimming session in the Buckingham Palace pool with Prince George.

Aside from the pregnancy sickness and a long wait, 33-year-old Kate has enjoyed her pregnancy journey with a healthy diet and good exercise. Kate has indeed tried very well to maintain the glow on her face. As the old history book says, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant ladies to help them in delivering as the water supports their growing womb.

On 29 April, the royal couple Prince William and Princess Kate would be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary and people are betting around the world that their wedding day may mark the birth of their second child. Bookies seemed very much confident that the royal couple will welcome their second baby on Wednesday, and thus their wedding anniversary will become even more special for them. The date is not the only thing which the bookies are betting on, apparently the weight of baby is also into consideration. 8lbs and 9lbs are the presumed weights by the bookies.

Different baby names are again surfacing all over the internet and many people are betting on Charlotte. According to Software Company Meltwater, Kate Middletone will give birth to a baby girl and the royal family will name her Alice.

What’s the weight is going to be? What’s the gender is going to be? None of us are sure for that but we know one thing for sure, the second child of the royal couple is likely the most awaited child in Europe at this time.

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