Princess Leia’s Bikini Gets Auctioned for $96000

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago

This year stands to be beneficial for the “Star Wars” franchise. First of all, a superior box office collection is predicted from the upcoming release this year and apart from that, it’s clear that the characters are still able to maintain their incessant popularity and credibility among fans.

The latest spark that thrills the franchise is its character Princess Leia’s famous slave bikini, which has auctioned at a staggering price of $96,000. Though the name of the winning bidder is not being disclosed but the fans may scream their hearts out by realizing the neverending popularity of the famous ‘Return Of The Jedi’ slave bikini as it was handed over in an unexpected high price.

Included in the costume is the collarand several of the links from the chain, which Leia used to strangle the crime lord before freeing herself.

The bidding started at the already wince-inducing level of $80,000 on October 1. So far, it is unknown who the winning bidder, as they were not named. The lucky bidder also gets a letter of authenticity from designer Richard Miller, who worked for George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, to prove it is not a fake. (via CNN)

Mail Online reports that Thursday evening witnessed a grand auction as more than 50 items of “Star Wars” memorabilia being sold but the most astonishing thing is the bikini was not the highest bid. The Californian auction on Profiles in History generates more surprises in the evening of 1st October as the highest bid goes about $450,000 during the online auction. A miniature model of Blockade Runner received the honor as it raked in the highest price. Notably, the model was used during the filming of the “Star Wars” to justify the movie’s special effects.

It is notable as it is the first flying ship seen in a “Star Wars” film, and this historical cachet allowed it to make more than double the opening bid of $200,000.

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