Prison Break Season 5 Release Date: T-Bag and the Yemen Affair

By Prabhu Prasad | 2 years ago
Prison Break Season 5 Release Date: T-Bag and the Yemen Affair
Prison Break season 5

Paul Scheuring, the creator, is keeping the Prison Break season 5 release date under wraps. However, rumors and speculations are a different story.

Fox is contemplating to redeem the lost glory of the 2005’s crime series with a sequel. Furthermore, the miniseries has an entirely different approach from the predecessor. Hence the names The Breakout Return or Heroes: Reborn. Prison Break season 5 will also see the return of some long-lost characters from the original series.

Prison Break Season 5 Predictions

It is no secret that Michael is alive and kicking in a far away land. The trailer was quite an eventful one, showcasing the return of the protagonist after his apparent death. Thanks to T-Bag, Lincoln and Sara are well aware of Michael’s existence and are plotting a rescue mission. T-Bag, on the other hand, has a plan of his own.

T-Bag, along with the likes of C-Note and Sucre, is likely to play a big hand in Prison Break season 5. His shenanigans in the past did not yield favorable results at times. T-Bag is perhaps looking at a bigger picture here. Lincoln sternly warns T-Bag not to play games when the latter first breaks the news of Michael’s existence.

The upcoming season is not anything like the affairs of Fox River State Penitentiary. Besides, Yemen is noobs-land and the stakes are higher. However, Lincoln readily plunges into action to save his dear brother. Is he completely aware of the adversities of such an audacious mission? What is the catch for T-Bag?

Prison Break
T-Bag’s Prison Days. [Source: Facebook/PrisonBreak]

T-Bag And The Yemen Connection

Robert Knepper’s character has some unfinished business to take care in Yemen, turns out. It does not quite come as a surprise due to T-Bag’s opportunistic temperament. He wants to get someone out of the same confinement Michael is in. Which explains his revelation to Lincoln and subsequent request to aid his interest.

T-Bag knows that Michael is best for the job and he played his cards right! Not only did it serve his interests, but also got him in Michael’s good books! Under the circumstances, these are just rumors, indeed. The truth will spawn out when the series airs in the Spring of 2017.

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