Why Prisoners starring Hugh Jackman is the best in years

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A warm and heartfelt thanksgiving dinner suddenly turns into a chaotic nightmare between two families, the Birches and Dovers as six year old Anna Dover and her best friend Joy Birch suddenly disappear.

Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners is sure to grasp the audience and keep them in a clenched state throughout as the film goes along as Hugh Jackman (Keller Dover) has other plans rather than just leaving the case up to a loner cop, Loki, played by Jake Gyllenhaal who has promised both families their safe return.

Aaron Guzikowski’s script is no doubt without its faults but it is also a powerful example of how to do a thriller the right way. Here are a few of reasons why it can be a great thriller.

Great Visuals
A thriller like Prisoners has to have great and power visuals which go beyond the realm of a TV budget which is successfully does so.

Excellent supporting cast
Although the movie focuses more on Jackman and Gyllenhaal, making both of them do the heavy lifting, nonetheless, everyone involved leaves their mark on the viewers and bake their parts well into the movie to make it feel more natural and well integrated with everything else. Viola Davis makes the most of her screen time just like she did in her Oscar nominated role in Doubt.

Child abductors as the new serial killers
Back in the day film makes used to lure the audience in to a movie through some sort of demented and psychotic serial killer who was out to kill somebody or somebodies! But now Denis Villeneuve catches the audience’s attention with kidnappers who are responsible for the disappearance of children.
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