Private Plane with Ariana Grande and Co. Nearly Drops in Mid-Air

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Private Plane with Ariana Grande and Co. Nearly Drops in Mid-Air
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If there’s one thing about traveling that can really freak you out, it’s those unexpected moments when your vehicle breaks down. But for Ariana Grande and her company, it was no ordinary malfunctioning vehicle because it was a private plane that nearly dropped off the sky! Read on for more details.

According to a post on, director and photographer Alfredo Flores posted a photo on Instagram, showing him, Ariana Grande and two other people inside a plane and wearing the emergency oxygen masks on Tuesday, Marc. 17, 2015. In his caption, he revealed that as they were heading for Houston that day for the North America leg of Grande’s ‘Honeymoon’ concert tour, the plane’s altitude suddenly dropped and caused it to nearly fall out of the sky.

With their flight stewardess panicking along with them as they were told to fasten their seatbelts and put on the oxygen masks that just dropped down, Grande apparently tried to make people calm down by saying a few jokes. Fortunately, the plane gained altitude and they were then able to fly all the way safely to Houston.

This plane scare is counted as the second near-death experience Grande had in the middle of her concert tour. Just last month, reported that Grande also had a near-death experience thanks to a broken lift. During the opening of her performance of her song “Love Me Harder,” Grande took a wooden lift to get her right up the stage to perform when a wooden board she was stepping on snapped right off, leaving a hole with a bunch of steel and metal right underneath. Fortunately, Grande was quick enough to grab hold on a metal rafter before she could fall down. A short while later, some stage workers helped her out.

When she was finally onstage, Grande nervously told the audience, “I almost died, just saying,” obviously still in shock over what happened. She later recounted what happened to her crew and her half-brother Frankie Grande.

What do you think of the near-death experiences Ariana Grande’s been having during her ‘Honeymoon’ concert tour? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Melissa Rose/tm

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