Priyanka Chopra Speaks On ‘Quantico’

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Priyanka Chopra Speaks On ‘Quantico’
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A model,  One of Bollywood’s top actors, singer, and Miss World. This is how the recent face of “Quantico” (a series on ABC ) is introduced. Read on to know how difficult it was for Priyanka Chopra and what challenges she faced.

“When I first got the script I was impressed by the character, Alex could be from any country and it is the beauty of it. It’s ethnically ambiguous.”  Priyanka Chopra plays the role of Alex Parrish in “Quantico”. The story of an FBI recruit on the run to clear her name after being wrongly accused of terrorism.

Sharing her role in an acting sequence, Chopra tells Vanity Fair that it’s not the first time that she’s something which is full of action. Earlier in Bollywood, she has played the role of “Mary Kom” in the film of same name but she’s more excited about the spy part. She says, “Most of those deductive roles, such as Sherlock or House have always been played by rich white men. And I am not white from any angle.”

Recalling her days while studying in Boston, she says , “I left Boston, returned to India for my senior year of high school, partly due to problems with bullying but I guess that helped me a lot.”

Anjula Acharia-Bath who is the manager of Priyanka says that the actor was her passion project.

Chopra is excited about being South Asian face on American television.

Lee, the director of the show the “ABC Talent Showcase” program,  says that she also spent the same childhood as Priyanka and that is the only reason they feel connected at such a personal level.

Lee is the brains behind getting Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”, Sofía Vergara in “Modern Family”, and Kerry Washington in “Scandal”.

Lee does not forget to thank Bollywood and its wider reach. She says that stars like Tina Desai and Anupam Kher are well known for their work in Hollywood. With movie markets in China, Japan, South Korea, and India exploding, Hollywood productions are including more and more East and South Asian movie stars.

“We’re hoping we will have so many viewers around the world to watch the show. And watch her in it” says Lee.

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Photo Source: Vanity Fair

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