Producer defends Anna’s controversial Story Line in ‘Downton Abbey’

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Warning — Spoilers Ahead: If you haven’t seen Downton Abbey‘s Episode 2 of Season 4 yet then please do not read ahead!

In season 4 episode 2 of the famed British TV Drama, Downton Abbey, we saw Anna, the maid played by Joanne Froggart get raped by visiting valet Mr. Green. She was brutally attacked and the raped by the character. When she wrestled him off, she was viciously punched in the face and knocked down to the ground. She was then dragged to another room where she was raped by Mr. Green.

Downton Abbey
The course of events that took place during the episode left American audience in shock and awe and most of them went on to Twitter to express how angry they were at the incident.

The agitation of such emotions of the viewers might be due to the fact that nobody wants to Anna suffer, especially after she survived her husband’s wrongful imprisonment.

However, it seems that the executive producer, Gareth Neame was more objective about it. He told TV Guide: “Like the death of the Matthew Crawley character, audiences are very protective of these characters and view them as an extension of their own families.” He went on to defend the unfortunate and touchy story line that the events were not meant as a prop to shock audiences but were actually realistic depictions of a time in history. “It is not us just being flashy and trying to get attention.”

The producer wanted to tell the audience that rape of a woman at that point in time was definitely a big issue however, women at that time might not have the recourse that they would have today over such issues.

He believes that putting in Anna’s story line was a good decision.

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