Producer of Star Wars Says Success of the Film Is ‘A Huge Surprise’

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Producer of Star Wars Says Success of the Film Is ‘A Huge Surprise’
Star Wars The Force Awakens

The latest film in the Star Wars franchise surpassed the one billion dollar mark before even its fans could watch it in China.

Producers of “The Force Awakens” are anticipating that movie will do exceptionally well in China, which is the 2nd largest movie market in the world. The movie will be released in China on Jan. 9.

On Sunday night, J.J. Abrams, the director of this latest “Star Wars” movie was in Shanghai as he saw the Chinese premiere with the Chinese audience.

On Monday, Abrams addressed a news conference where he said that it was thrilling for him to watch the audience cheering, as well as, laughing in all those places where other audiences did likewise.

Abrams indicated that cinema and its power reigns supreme as it is of no significance where an audience is from as long as they love a story.

It took just 12 days for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to earn 1 billion USD worldwide. This is a record in itself as it became the fastest film to accomplish that.

Previously the movie that reached the 1 billion dollar mark was “Jurassic World” but it took thirteen days to achieve that earning in the month of June. But, the earnings included that from China too.

Kathleen Kennedy, the film’s producer said that the success of the movie is a “huge surprise” for her till date. It was not that they did not anticipate that the film would get enormous success but the mere fact that it crossed the one billion dollar mark is truly overwhelming for them.


The producer also added that they are anticipating and hoping that the movie will do quite well in China too.

It is known to all that the movie market of China is tremendously crucial for Hollywood as there have been stagnation in the revenue being generated by the movie theaters at home.

According to CTV News, the significance can be further understood from the fact that there are films that are incorporating Chinese stories or character as an attempt to appeal to the movie-going audience in China.

Kennedy was asked whether “Star wars” films would be adopting a similar strategy in the coming years. She said that shooting for the 1st standalone “Star Wars” film titled “Rogue One” has just got completed.”

Donnie Yen, the renowned martial arts actor from Hong Kong and Jiang Wen, a Chinese director also has roles in this new “Star Wars” film.


Picture Source: Facebook/Star War Movies

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