Project Runway All Stars Season 4 Recap: Making a Splash

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Project Runway All Stars Season 4 Recap: Making a Splash
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“Project Runway: All Stars” Season 4 Episode 8 “Making a Splash” aired last Jan. 8, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. The episode kicks off with the designers celebrating Michelle’s birthday over coffee at Gotham West Market. Suddenly, they notice the front page of USA Today on a newspaper rack. Read on to know what happens next.

The headline reads “Alyssa Milano Makes a Splash,” and the lead includes “Project Runway: All Stars.” The designers are intrigued, so they stop their coffee party to find out.

In the poolside, Alyssa introduces John Peters, the president of USA Today Travel. Talking about travel, she emphasizes the importance of having the right outfit. The designers must make a glamorous resort wear and a catchy swimsuit. Another challenge is that there will be a change of models. It will be difficult for some designers because they are accustomed to the measurements of their previous models.

Choosing the fabric is also challenging but in an exciting way. At the bottom of the pool, various fabric samples for swimwear are put inside glass bowls. At first, the designers feel uneasy because they are thinking of getting themselves wet. However, Alyssa tells them that they will never do that. Instead, four male swimmers enter the poolside. They will get the fabrics for the designers to choose. While the swimmers are taking off their shirt, the designers are excited,  even the male ones. After choosing their fabrics, the designers immediately sketch their designs in the poolside.

After the designers shop for fabrics at Mood, they hurry to start sewing in the workroom. After Justin finished the upper part of the swimsuit, he realizes that his choice of fabric looks cheap. He notices its back part, which is black, so he decides to start from scratch by turning the fabric upside down.

While eating their lunch, Michelle tells everybody that it is not so difficult to make a swimsuit. Some designers agree. Dmitry asks her how she finished her swimwear. Michelle answers that she used elastic. She is the only one who bought elastics. Dmitry asks if she has extra.

“Maybe. We’ll see,” Michelle mocks.

Dmitry does not care at all. He thinks he is a strong competitor because nobody offers him anything.

Suddenly, Zanna enters the room with Alison Maxwell, Style & Fashion Editor of USA Today. They start to go around the room to check and critique the designs. Jay’s inspiration is Ibiza. He tells the two ladies that if his design will not capture Ibiza, he will change the “flight.” Zanna and Alison laugh. On the other hand, Justin’s inspiration is Southern France. Alison loves that his design has a “fun tease.” Dmitry is next with his camouflage-print swimsuit. He tells the ladies that he loves it, but he gets unsure after looking at other designs. Zanna insists that he must not do that because she loves the design. However, Michelle thinks it is “hideous.” At the other side of the room, Zanna reminds Sonjia to make her design as chic as possible because she attempts to combine denim with lace.

After Michelle explained her design, Alison tells her that fringe is only applicable with dance performances.  When Zanna and Alison see Helen’s resort wear, they think it looks heavy because of the full-laced garment. However, Alison feels strange that she does not hate it. While Fabio is presenting his design to the ladies, Dmitry thinks that his garment wants to make him puke. Zanna tells Fabio that it looks boring. She thinks it is too conservative for Fabio’s taste. In Sam’s turn, she explains to Zanna and Alison that she inspired by “Baywatch.” The ladies remind her to focus on glamour and comfort.

After the designers fit their garments on the new models, they proceed to modifying with necessary changes. After sewing, Sam realizes that she twisted the top. She has no choice but to create the jumpsuit’s top from scratch. Helen tells her that it was because of “sleep deprivation.”

Before starting the runway show, Alyssa introduces the guest judge Nigel Barker, a world-renowned fashion photographer.

After the models present the designs, it is time for judges to choose the designers who are safe from elimination. Fabio and Helen are chosen to have another week on the runway. The remaining designers have the best and the worst. Isaac loves that Dmitry’s swimsuit design is “specific.” He does not like the silk resort wear, but he thinks that the color saves it. Georgina commends it as “original.” Nigel thinks the swimsuit is “perfect” and can be a perfect cover shot. Alyssa likes the contrast between the elegant resort wear and the camouflage swimsuit underneath.

Next up is Jay. Georgina loves the movement of the dress when the model walked down the runway. However, she thinks the top part of the dress looks “heavy.” Nigel sees that the bottom part of the swimsuit is too high. He thinks it looks wrong when the line is cut near the belly button.

It is Sam’s turn to impress the judges. Georgina loves jumpsuits. However, she describes that it looked like a “flash dance” when the model presented the swimsuit. She feels lost. Alyssa thinks she is in ’80s “flashback.” Isaac sees Sam hitting the “homerun” with the jumpsuit but does not like the swimwear at all. He also notices a slight flaw with the jumpsuit because of its unflattering top.

Georgina describes Justin’s design as the “perfect” example of “classic cohesive look.” She says she wants to “be the woman” while looking at the swimsuit. Isaac likes that the design has certain “chastity,” and the model looked like a Grecian goddess. He adores that the black swimsuit looks so “fresh.” Nigel thinks the back part is picture-perfect. Alyssa thinks it is a “perfect” swimsuit.

Isaac sees Michelle’s swimsuit as the best of the day. However, Nigel does not like the front pleats of the resort dress because it looks like it got caught in the model’s underwear.

With Sonjia’s design, Isaac is crazy with the pants. He insanely loves it. However, Nigel thinks the pants are not long enough and make the model look shorter. What Isaac does not like is the trimming on top. He only loves the pants. Georgina imagines the design of the resort wear and swimsuit to be in an interesting collection.

After judges’ deliberation, the designers are brought back on the runway. Sonjia is safe. Justin and Dmitry are the top designers. However, Justin wins the challenge. His design will be featured on USA Today. Alyssa describes him as “the comeback kid.” She explains to Dmitry that his design just needed an “extra something” to win. Michelle has a low score but is safe from elimination. Between Jay and Sam, Sam is eliminated.

Sam says she had a great experience when she returned in the show. She will continue on her line. She thinks her business will just get better.

There you have it for the recap on “Project Runway: All Stars” Season 4 Episode 8 “Making a Splash,” which aired last Jan. 8, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. Catch the next episode on Jan. 15, 2015. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lifetime Television

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