‘Prometheus 2’ to Be Placed At the Back Burner As Ridley Scott Takes ‘The Cartel?’

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Prometheus 2’ to Be Placed At the Back Burner As Ridley Scott Takes ‘The Cartel?’
“Prometheus 2” placed at the back burner?

“Prometheus 2” director Ridley Scott collaborated with Fox recently to adapt Don Winslow’s novel, “The Cartel,” into a film. Will “Prometheus 2” be placed at the back burner? Read on for more details.

After striking the deal last Wednesday, Ridley Scott has taken the helm as director for “The Cartel” movie adaption as well as being its producer together with Scott Free Films president Michael Schaefer. Shane Salerno took on the role as the film’s scriptwriter and would also produce it through his own company, Story Factory.

Scott was blessed enough to land this film adaptation since there were a number of execs and observers reportedly eyeing for the project due to its popularity. Although fictional, “The Cartel” had its similarities to the real-life break of Sinaloa drug lord El Chapo, The Hollywood Reporter said. El Chapo made global headlines after escaping from a maximum security prison last July 11, a month after Winslow published the novel.

Because of the amazing timing and parallelism of the book to “El Chapo,” although Winslow made an extensive research about the Mexican drug lord, it put the author appearing on news programs and blog sites because of the escape.

Winslow’s book was about two people (Art Keller and Adan Berrera) who started as friends, but later on had to choose between friendship and profession as Keller worked for DEA while Berrara became a member of the Sonora drug cartel.

“Prometheus 2” Placed At the Back Burner?

Taking Ridley Scott’s latest work into consideration, how would this affect “Prometheus 2”?

There were some talks from members in the “Prometheus” forum that “Prometheus 2” might be placed at the back burner because Scott needed to work on “The Cartel” movie adaptation. However, BigDave said that the draft of the sequel was complete since October 2014 and that “The Cartel” adaption still had some more work to do; although, it was possible that Scott could juggle it with other films that he is directing or producing.

Furthermore, the delay for the “Prometheus 2” production was because of the casts’ schedules and that by next year, they would be available to do it. Hence, “Prometheus 2” would be possibly released Spring-Summer 2017.

BigDave also thought that a March 2016 release date for “Prometheus 2” was not impossible given that it would only feature few things such as shootings only on LV 223, scenes on the Juggernaut, and an Earth ship with some crew members. However, this was reportedly unlikely as there were more questions in “Prometheus” yet to be answered in the sequel as well as the meticulous pre-production works that has to be made.

Nevertheless, it would still best to wait for an official announcement from Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox. Hence, readers should take these with a grain of salt.

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