‘Prometheus 2’ Release Date In March 2017, Production Starts In November? ‘Alien 5’ Hinted Too

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Prometheus 2’ Release Date In March 2017, Production Starts In November? ‘Alien 5’ Hinted Too
“Prometheus 2” plot to feature Shaw and David’s journey towards the Elder Engineers?

Alleged insiders said that the production for “Prometheus 2” is all set this November, with the production team expected to start shooting in March 2016. When will be the release date? Read on for more details.

Forum member Big Dave recently cited a source via Prometheus Forum who was reportedly familiar with “Prometheus 2”.

The source said that the production would begin this November and the main shooting is going to be in March 2016.

The source also said that the movie would be released around March-May 2017, which followed Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien 5”. It was noted that “Alien 5” is set to hit theaters in Summer-Fall 2016.

It was debated which of the two films would be released first, but Big Dave’s sources said that “Alien 5” was more likely to come out first. The insider also said that both “Alien 5” and “Prometheus 2” would be revealed six months apart.

The reason for the delay was reportedly due to the schedules of Ridley Scott, the cast members, and others. But it was expected that the actors would be free for shooting after Fall this year.

The budget of “Prometheus 2” was also noted to be around 50 percent more than “Prometheus”, which was roughly between $120-130 million.

The draft for the sequel was reportedly done already, with the cast still unknown. However, Noomi Rapace was said to be coming back in the sequel as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, Examiner.com reported.

Contrary to what Big Dave’s source claimed, the report said that “Prometheus 2” would be released in March 2016.

As for the plot of “Prometheus 2”, it was said that it would not mainly focus on Shaw and David on board the Juggernaut, which the two used as an escape. Instead, it would have three central plots to focus on. Shaw and David’s mission to Paradise would be one of the three central plots.

The credibility of the source was also questioned and Big Dave said that the person saw some concept work of the “Prometheus 2” more or less six months ago (now nine months). It was also said that the sequel already went through 15 re-workings.

However, 20th Century Fox is yet to make an official statement. Therefore, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Facebook/Prometheus.

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