‘Prometheus 2’ Script Ideas Originate from ‘Green Lantern’ Writer; Plot More ‘Alien-Y’ With Multiple Fassbender’s

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Prometheus 2’ Script Ideas Originate from ‘Green Lantern’ Writer; Plot More ‘Alien-Y’ With Multiple Fassbender’s
“Prometheus 2” plot to feature Shaw and David’s journey towards the Elder Engineers?

Director Ridley Scott recently said that he would start filming “Prometheus 2” in January 2016. What could fans expect from this highly anticipated movie? Read on for more details.

In the latest issue of Total Film via Scified.com, Ridley Scott, 77 years old, expressed his desire to go back directing sci-fi films.

“I kind of adore it,” Scott said.

Since Scott’s statement, the magazine revealed that he just returned to “Prometheus 2” recently and that he would start filming the sequel this January 2016. This news spread like wildfire, making fans excited.

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“Prometheus 2” Plot

So, who’s the writer? Scott previously tapped “Transcendence” and “Green Lantern” writer Michael Green to revise the script of the sequel, The Wrap reported.

It was also said that Green would make the upcoming movie more “alien-y” and place it in line with a scary tone that previous films of the franchise had. Fans could expect the movie to feature more than one David’s, multiple of them – more like clones, which could be possible since David was an android.

Will David actually multiply himself? Scott has yet to make a statement.

Although the writer wanted to make “Prometheus 2” more “alien-y” and scarier, it does not mean that Xenomorphs would be coming back. Scott pointed this out that he’s done with these monsters.

“The beast is done,” Scott told Yahoo! Movies UK plainly via ComingSoon.net.

But why? Scott said that it wore him out a little bit since there’s only so much of snarling that they could do. However, Scott does not want to offer fans something not fresh to start with. He said that the sequel would have a good start with the Engineers.

Take note that these Engineers were aliens also, which does not defeat the purpose of making the film more like “alien-y.”

As for the release date, rumors point to Fall 2016-March 2017. But readers should take this with a grain of salt.

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