‘Prometheus 2’ Will Initiate Shooting Starting Early 2016 In Canada And Australia

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Prometheus 2’ Will Initiate Shooting Starting Early 2016 In Canada And Australia

While exploring the obligatory elements to press for his upcoming movie “The Martian” last month, Ridley Scott informed that his venture for “Prometheus 2” has been started.

“Prometheus 2” continues to be shrouded in mystery but the latest update from the director unveiled some crucial information. Scott was at the Toronto International Film Festival celebrating the world premiere of his latest film and where his interview with Deadline dug out a string of insights from the “Blade Runner” director.

The director discussed his involvement in multiple sequels, including “Blade Runner 2”. Scott gladly confirmed that Fassbender would reciprocate his role as the android David. Fassbender who was supposed to be a good friend of Scott, did the project “The Counselor” together.

In 2012’s “Prometheus”, the movie finished when Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David (Fassbender) went off to visit the Engineers’ home planet to seek the central truth. It is expected that this time, Fassbender can be seen more on the screen. Precisely saying the film may feature different versions of David.

At present Fassbender is shooting “Assassin’s Creed”, due out December 21, 2016 and he has Tomas Alfredson’s “The Snowman” in the row.

Ridley Scott, who has films like “Alien” in his filmography, will again return to the genre he helped define. With “Prometheus”, he crafts an inventive mythology, in which a team of explorers learn a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, heading them on a breathtaking journey to the caliginous corners of the universe. There, they must combat a startling battle to secure the potential of the human race.

In the interview Scott discussed about a detailed theme design that certainly shapes the plot and idea. He admitted the subtext can be florid and grandiose just like the prequel. He hopes to cater a more detailed and satisfying exploration this time.

The director is heard saying, “It’s meant to start production in February. I’m in prep, now. I’ll either shoot in Aussie, or here [Toronto].” Even earlier Scott and his crew were spotted in Australia last May scouting filming locations.

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