The Promise Premieres At Los Angeles; Director And Cast Speaks Up

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
The Promise Premieres At Los Angeles; Director And Cast Speaks Up
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Directed by Terry George, The Promise follows the love triangle between Ana, Mikael, and Chris. This historical drama is set during the Armenian Genocide.

The film recently made its premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles. The event was attended by several celebrities, such as Alexis Ohanian (Reddit Co-founder), Reality TV stars Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, actor Sylvester Stallone, and others.

At the premiere, the director and cast of The Promise shared their thoughts on film’s plot and Armenian Genocide.  The entire cast of The Promise was in attendance.

However, one missing actor at the premiere was Oscar Isaac. The Star Wars: Episode 8 actor is gearing up his preparations to welcome his first child with girlfriend Elvira Lind, reports Variety.

The Promise Director Talks About Film

This is not the first time Director Terry George has dealt with a subject like genocide. He previously directed a film titled Hotel Rwanda which was based on genocide. The film also dealt with other important issues such as political corruption.

At the LA premiere, George says the cast and crew of The Promise has been cautious about staying under the radar during filming. He adds that they were on firm ground with Kirk Kerkorian’s foundation, and this was a serious attempt to tell the story, as per the aforementioned source. They have been backed up by resources and the drive to do this film.

James Cromwell Shares His Thoughts On Armenian Genocide

Cromwell also attended the premiere at LA. He shared his thoughts on Armenian Genocide. He says that Americans will be moved to take to the streets. He continues that: “…this is to demand justice and picket the Turkish embassy until the genocide is recognized and restitutions are paid,” as per the aforementioned source.

The report also reveals that Cromwell calls President Donald Trump insane and adds, “We have elected an insane man as president of the United States.” He continues, “We must take it back. It’s called we the people” and adds, “…it’s not called we the 1%. It’s not we industrialists.”

In the film, Cromwell plays Henry Morgenthau Sr. but the details of his role have not been revealed yet.

Negative Response For The Promise

Due to the topic on which The Promise is based, the film has been receiving a negative response. Serj Tankian, who is the executive music consultant for The Promise, has shared his views on this. He says that at the Toronto International Film Festival (the original premiere), only a few people saw The Promise in the theater.

Tankian says that he finds it ridiculous when they had tens of thousands of 0 votes stemming from Anatolia on IMDb so there was a campaign to try to discredit the film, as per the aforementioned source.

The Promise

Christian Bale In The Promise

Bale in The Promise plays an important role. He takes on the role of an American journalist, Chris Myers, who is already in love with Ana (Charlotte Le Bon). But when Mikael (Oscar Isaac) acts as a third wheel in their love story, things change. Set in a war zone, the love struggles to survive amidst the odds.

The film includes other stars such as Shohreh Aghdashloo (Marta), Marwan Kenzari as Emre Ogan, James Cromwell (Henry Morgenthau Sr. former US ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during the First World War), Daniel Gimenez Cacho as Father Andreasian, Jean Reno as a French admiral, and Angela Sarafyan as Maral.

The first trailer of The Promise teases romance between Mikael and Ana. She is seen as an Armenian-born woman who is raised in France.Mikael is seen as an Armenian medical student. The trailer has also shown how Chris and Ana’s relationship hits the rock when Mikael enters in their life.

The Promise opens in the US on April 21, 2017.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Promise

Photo Source For Featured Image: Facebook/The Promise

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