The Promise Release Date: New Poster Released, Storyline Teases Love Triangle

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
The Promise Release Date: New Poster Released, Storyline Teases Love Triangle
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The Promise is an upcoming thrilling love story starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale and Charlotte Le Bon. The movie has recently released a new poster for the film and is set to release next month.

The newly released poster shows the three lead cast members of this film in the center. It also shows Oscar Isaac’s character Michael Boghosian hugging Charlotte Le Bon’s character Ana on a small portion. This drops a hint that between the romantic relationship of photo-journalist Chris Myers (Christian Bale) and Ana, Michael acts as the third wheel in The Promise. Read to know more.

New Poster Of The Promise

The poster of The Promise arrives after the release of its official trailer a couple of weeks ago. This poster teases a pensive look on the faces of all three major cast members of the film. Amidst the romance in the story, fans will also get to watch the conflict of the Ottoman Empire and how it turns into a conflict war zone. This is because the story is set in the period of 1914.

It is interesting to note that Ana, Michael, and Chris are affected by the war. How will their love survive in such a conflicting situation? Will Ana choose Michael over Chris? All this and more will be revealed when the film is released by Open Road Films in US on April 21, 2017.

The Promise

Brief Storyline Of The Promise

In The Promise, medical student Michael is seen determined to bring modern medicine back to his ancestral village in Turkey, reports On the other hand, American native Chris is busy covering the geo-political situation in the Ottoman Empire. And actress Charlotte Le Bon’s Ana plays the role of an artist.

The Armenian origin of Ana and Michael brings them together. But this creates a problem for Ana and Chris’s relationship. And with the growing geopolitical tension, things are not falling in place. When the Ottoman Empire turns back on its own ethnic minority’s lives of Ana, Michael and Chris are threatened.

Cast Of The Promise

Directed by Terry George, The Promise film casts Shohreh Aghdashloo (Marta) from X-Men: The Last Stand, James Cromwell (Henry) from The Green Mile, Angela Sarafyan (Maral) from Westworld and others. Cromwell plays the former US ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during the First World War in the film.

This historical drama premiered last year at Toronto International Film Festival. And will hit the theaters next month in the US.

Empires fall. Love survives. Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, and Christian Bale star in the powerful film The Promise – in theaters April 21. Watch the full trailer on Facebook: LINK IN BIO. #KeepThePromise

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