PSN’s ‘Powers’ Set to Prove Video Game Console’s Strength

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
PSN’s ‘Powers’ Set to Prove Video Game Console’s Strength
Wikimedia Commons/Sony Computer Entertainment

When “Powers” launches on the Playstation Network (PSN) this December, it will have something big riding on it. Will it become the first original scripted series that will bring subscribers to the gaming console the way that streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime has done for its business model this year? Read on for more about this news story.

The development of “Powers” took over a decade to accomplish, according to a detailed report published exclusively on Variety. It was stated that Sony Pictures and Brian Michael Bendis, who also wrote the comic book version from which the show is based, first attempted to develop the story into a movie back in 2001, but nothing came out of it. Years later, a TV pilot was actually filmed and was supposed to run on FX, but the network decided to forego with ordering the series.

When Sony was looking into ways to draw more subscribers to the Playstation Network (PSN), which launched in 2006, they turned to the development of “Powers” as the first original TV show for the console. According to Brandis, the timing couldn’t have been perfect as there exists a “huge overlap between comic book fans and gamers.”

With the show coming in December, Sony expects it will push membership for PSN up, offering the first episode for free to anyone who owns any of the three gaming platforms that can access PSN — PS Vita, Playstation 3 and PS4. The membership is at $50 annually, which already includes a host of other menus and gaming choices.

“Powers” will be available to U.S. subscribers only, but should it create enough buzz, Sony is also planning on distributing the show to other markets, using the company’s other distribution sources. A video game tie-up may also be in the works, but for now, the focus for “Powers” is to make sure that its launch as a television series would earn success.

“Powers” stars Sharlto Copley (“Elysium”), Susan Heyward (“The Following”), Eddie Izzard (“Hannibal”), Michelle Forbes (“Chicago Fire”) and Noah Taylor (“Almost Famous”). It is slated for a 10-episode run with a budget of $2 million per episode, according to the Variety report.

And that’s the latest on “Powers,” which is coming to PSN this December. Are you a PSN subscriber and will you be interested in watching the series?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Sony Computer Entertainment

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