Q&A with the Cast of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Q&A with the Cast of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy [WATCH VIDEO]
Chris Pratt at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International in San Diego, California.

Before hitting the big screens on August 1, 2014, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” cast takes a break to stop by Yahoo! and answers questions from the fans in Yahoo! Live’s Tumblr Q&A. Read on for more details on how the Q&A went.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn, Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige — along with cast members Chris Pratt (Star Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora) and Dave Bautista (Drax) — sit down with Yahoo! to answer questions from the fans which were collected from Tumblr. Here are some of the questions answered during the panel.

First question: How the casting processes were and if the entire cast had to audition? Director James Gunn, recalling on how he settled with the characters, admitted that Zoe Saldana did not need to audition for her role as she was the number one in his list of potential Gamoras. Gunn continued on with how he was blown away by Dave’s raw intensity for his audition, saying that he couldn’t think of another guy to play the part.

“I was the best actor available,” joked Chris Pratt as Gunn recites a list of comedians who couldn’t fit the bill. Gunn recalled how he, at first, was not convinced with Pratt being Star Lord. “I think that’s the chubby guy from parks and rec. I don’t see that guy being much of a superhero,” remarked Gunn to his casting director, as published in Yahoo! Movies. He then revealed that within 20 seconds of the audition, he knew that Pratt was the guy he was looking for.

When asked how long her make-up was applied, Saldana revealed that it takes at least four to five hours a day to put the green make-up on. She jokingly added that it was okay for her since Dave took longer to put up his.

In a video question from ookamiyokai, he asked how Pratt shaped up for his movie role, stating how inspirational Pratt’s transformation was for someone who’s been struggling with his weight for his whole life. “I know where you’re coming from—6 months seems like a long time unless you’re looking backwards, what were you doing in February, it seems like yesterday that was 6 months ago,” replied Pratt.

Pratt noted that if someone was struggling with his or her weight, he or she just have to do a number of things every day and be consistent.

Pratt was then asked how his “Parks and Recreation” co-stars react of his sudden “career explosion.” Holding back his tears, he stated how happy and supportive they were with all their texts, greetings and calls. Pratt also described how they are like family to him and how much he loves the gang.

That’s a wrap for the Q&A with the cast of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” For more news about upcoming movies, check Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Watch the Q&A below:




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