Quantico Actress, Priyanka Chopra Talks About Facing Bullying And Gender Discrimination In Past

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Quantico Actress, Priyanka Chopra Talks About Facing Bullying And Gender Discrimination In Past
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra became a known name in the world when the ABC drama, Quantico aired on television. The Bollywood actress who is already a superstar in motherland, India is basking in glory in the international landscape since then. Lately, she gave an interview to People Magazine. Read on to know what she said about her experience in America.

The 33-year-old Chopra who developed a liking for small screen world because of American actress, Ellen Pompeo started by stating, “America has been so welcoming to me.” As the interview started progressing, she thought about her days as a teen when she had come to America, and let the interviewer take a peep into them.

The “Quanticostar recalls that she had first visited America years back on a family vacation. She disclosed that she loved America during the holiday and after leaving returned back to the country in pursuit of education. She stayed with her uncle and aunty, and went to high school in Queens, New York. She also later attended high school in Newton, Massachusetts.

Miss World 2000 says, “When I went to school here, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me.” She disclosed that she was bullied because of her different looks. She also recalls, “I was called ‘Brownie.” Some also used to pass comments on her like, “Take your curry and go back to your country.” She expressed in the interview, “It was hard. I wanted to go home, and I did.”


Chopra also tells something about her journey to becoming a world acknowledged beauty queen. She gives the credit to her mother. Chopra tells that while she was thinking about going back to India, her mother who is a doctor by profession submitted her photographs to Miss India pageant.

Chopra says that she eventually won the Miss India 2000 pageant and then U.K.’s Miss World pageant happened and she also won it at the age of 17. Chopra admits that she went back to India and it turned good for her.

The next big thing to happen in her life was Bollywood. But she reveals that her initial years of working in the industry were not very pleasant. She faced gender discrimination profusely.


Chopra narrates one incident. She tells when she wanted to ask one of the producers about her compensation, the reply she was provided was perturbing. Chopra states that he told her, “Well if you can’t adjust we can just launch a new girl because girls are interchangeable anyways in movies.”

Chopra says in the interview that she didn’t like it. She adds that she never wished to be interchangeable. She communicates with conviction that she has complete faith in herself and her art. Lately, she has 50 films to work on. She says that she always believed in destiny thing and whichever opportunities came her way, she worked hard at them.

Destiny wanted and Priyanka Chopra met the same producer again but when Priyanka Chopra has also carved a niche for herself as a superstar in Bollywood. She said, “I told him, ‘Well I’m pretty relevant now huh?”

Chopra in past has made her presence felt internationally with her music video “Exotic” too.

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