‘Quantico’ Finale Spoilers: Liam To Uncover His Story? Which Major Character Will Die?

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
‘Quantico’ Finale Spoilers: Liam To Uncover His Story? Which Major Character Will Die?
Quantico Finale

“Quantico” finale episode 22 of Season 1 titled, “Yes” is as expected will be full of twists, turns, and shockers. The epic one hour of the show on television, the last of this season, will focus on the graduation day of NATS. But the primary focus will be how Liam explains his stand. It is also speculated that one major character is going to die in the finale. Who will it be?

It was reported some time ago that “Quantico” has received an extension for the second season. So the finale episode of the show is expected to end on a cliffhanger rather than putting a full stop to the story. Many believe that the finish will bring an end to a few issues that have been swirling on “Quantico” Season 1, but may start another bigger issue needing the second season to complete the whole story.

According to Catermatt, the showrunners will be under pressure to set up something exciting that is very much different from anything that has happened on the show until now.

Terrorist Revealed Finally

“Quantico” Season 2 episode 21 titled, “Right” revealed the terrorist finally. Although everyone now knows that Liam (Josh Hopkins) is the actual terrorist behind the whole attacks, the FBI agents can still be chasing the wrong person, reports International Business Times. He will be telling his reasons for being a terrorist or is he also trapped?

Previously, everyone thought Miranda was orchestrating all the attacks, and this belief was further strengthened when the agents came to know that she lied to Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) about a meeting. But just as Miranda reaches on the verge of truth she is shot by Liam and does not get enough time to convey it to the agents.

Until now, Liam has been using his high position in the FBI to use agents do his bidding. The upcoming episode may reveal more truth about this issue apart from focusing on Alex (Priyanka Chopra), Shelby (Johanna Brady), Caleb (Graham Rogers) preparation for their graduation.

It will be exciting to see how the “Quantico” Season 1 Episode 22 unfolds the story of Liam and the death of one major character.


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