‘Quantico’ Season 1 Episode 9: Alex’s Surrender To Gets More Dangerous [Sneak Peek]

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
‘Quantico’ Season 1 Episode 9: Alex’s Surrender To Gets More Dangerous [Sneak Peek]

The last episode of “Quantico” didn’t air last week, as it gave way to the “American Music Award” but the much-awaited episode 9 entitled “Guilty” is scheduled for Nov. 29. Well, episode 9 is anticipated to expect the unexpected, as Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) turns herself to the FBI. Here’s a sneak peek to find out what waits for Alex in the custody.

Just after Alex alerted the FBI about the second bomb in the city, she is under the custody of the highly sophisticated officials interrogating her. Meanwhile in the last episode, we saw Caleb finds clue to proof that Alex has been framed, but his dad (Clayton) asks him to scrub the message, while Ryan’s life is also in danger as he landed in the different destination (the FBI headquarters) and not in the one where the helicopter was about to take him in episode 7.


However, in the sneak peek video, TV Line points out that Alex is left in the mercy of the FBI team. The man who comes to interrogate her is not only the person they studied about in the academy, but the highly sophisticated acclaimed official apologizes in advance for what he is about to do. Though Alex has turned herself in doesn’t mean she is out of danger, but the agents ‘want to know everything Alex knows.’

It’s not only at the present scenario that the NATS including Alex is in danger, even in the flashback at the “Quantico’” like MNG reported previously, Dr. Langdon, a profiler and a former FBI agent who assigned the trainees to cases revolving around serial killer, has put Simon in danger for solving the mystery at the earliest. While the upcoming episode will also show that Liam O’Connor is in need of help.

With the level of anxiety increasing among the regular followers of ‘Quantico’ who are aware by this time that the bomber involved in blowing up New York’s Grand Central Terminal is definitely someone from the academy while Alex being on top of the suspect list, even with her friends trying to help her as she claims to be framed, doesn’t really help her much in proving her innocence.

Catch up the next episode of “Quantico” season 1 episode 9, “Guilty” on Nov. 29, at ABC.


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