‘Quantico spoilers’:Winter Finale this Weekend, Countdown begins

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
‘Quantico spoilers’:Winter Finale this Weekend, Countdown begins

As per “Quantico” Spoilers, the last episode before the mid season break will be full of suspense and dilemma.  Finally, the wait is over, as the weekend is approaching. Most probably, viewers can see things getting unveiled in a very dramatic way. Who is the real Bomber? Is it Elias or Simon?

In the last episode, Alex let down all her fiends so as to find out the real terrorist.  She had confessed guilty on the bombing representing her fiends for which FBI has put Alex in custody for 24 hours. As per Quantico spoilers, Alex will be left with four hours before which she needs to find out where the second Bomb is. Else she would go behind the bars of Federal Prison for the crime she did not commit. What will be her destiny? Will they be able to find the Bomb?


Will Simon and Ryan return back in Quantico mid season finale?  As per Spoilers from Reality Today, Ryan will not return back in Quantico as he cannot become a trainee again the next week. Indeed, Alex will have some hard time without Ryan. Perhaps she would never ever see Ryan again and this is gonna depress Alex for Sure. Moreover she would be left alone to struggle in a major way. But besides all that, she has pressures from FBI to disclose where the Second Bomb is. But being in Custody, how will she handle all this?

Raina still has feelings for Simon and probably, we can see more on their relationship in the coming episode.  And in the mean time Shelby and Caleb will get into a serious relationship according to the spoilers. A new twist awaits the viewers as Marcia Cross enters the show as Claire Haas.

ABC viewers sit back and relax this Sunday, 13 DEC at 10 P.M to watch the most thrilling finale episode of your favorite “Quantico” Season 1.


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