Queen Elizabeth Versus Kate Middleton: Prince William is not Going to be Crowned King Yet

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Queen Elizabeth Versus Kate Middleton: Prince William is not Going to be Crowned King Yet
Kate Middleton emerging hours after she gave birth.

Queen Elizabeth is not going to abdicate the throne to Prince William despite the strange new report doing rounds on the rumor mill. It turns out that the report is merely a farce imagined by a fanciful reporter. A Buckingham palace official announced it to be a hoax. Read on for more details.

OK! Magazine had previously claimed that the Queen is going to step down from the throne in April and will place the crown on her grandson’s head, making him the sovereign of England, Scotland, and Wales etc. The report turns out to be a fabrication. The Queen is not going to step down anytime soon and the crown will remain with her until such time as she wants to give it away.

It was surprising that the magazine claimed that the Queen will pass over her son, Prince Charles, and place the crown on the youngish Prince William. If that would have come to pass, Kate Middleton would have made an interesting Queen. It is always exciting to know that somebody who has raised a commoner has risen to the rank of a queen. Plus, she is pretty and her very presence on the throne might give the ageing England a facelift.

However, this strange dream failed to spawn a reality. The Queen is still the Queen of England. Kate is still the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William is still … good looking.

Incidentally, what power do the Royals have these days? Do they really run the show in England or are they mere figureheads? If they do have the power, they ought to speak about the state of affairs in England. The recent refugee crisis comes to mind. Because, with great power comes great responsibility. And if you are a royal, you got to make some decisions.

Gossipcop refuted the rumor.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Duchess of Cambridge

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