Queen Latifah To Get Lead Role in Lee Daniels’ Fox Music Pilot

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Queen Latifah To Get Lead Role in Lee Daniels’ Fox Music Pilot

Fox Music may air another series about music stardom next year. It is rumored that Queen latifah has been signed on to play an important part in the yet unnamed series.

The project is going to be directed by Lee Daniels. It was previously titled “Star.” The project will tell the story of three girls who want to be singers. The show will chronicle the girls’ rise to superstardom in the music industry. It is being said that the show will be done in the same vein as the hit movie,“Dreamgirls.”

Queen Latifah will play an ageing woman who owns the Atlanta Beauty Salon and helps the three protagonists make their mark in the music industry. The character reportedly has some talent of her own and even teaches the girls about music and singing.

Variety reports that it is not yet known if Fox Music has approved of the project. But the star cast will obviously be a draw for the series and it might get the channel the ratings it needs. The lead roles have gone to Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady. The girls have good acting and singing skills and will obviously be good at playing their parts.


The story goes something like this: Demorest’s character, “Star” is from Detroit and has landed a job in Atlanta. She has been through some tough times already. She was raised in foster homes. Apparently, her mother died when she was little. She meets up and teams up with Destiny’s character, “Alexandra,” in Atlanta possibly at the Beauty Salon.

O’Grady’s character, “Simone” is from Washington and has problems of her own. Star has the big dream of rescuing her younger sister from a foster home. The details of the story are still sketchy, but the readers can obviously imagine what the plot would be like from these details.

Photo Source: Facebook / Queen Latifah

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